"The case for better travel"

Challenge – help an innovative start-up move from idea to validated concept

  • Guide a product idea from initial conception to validation

  • Advocate for and maintain CEO’s product vision through initial development process

  • Manage a development team spread across 5 countries


Process – feet on the ground 

During our engagement, Pull served as the product development nucleus and interim “head of product”. In our role, we worked directly with Raden’s CEO, coordinating an international team of designers, suppliers and technology vendors . This included multiple development trips to Asia to lead product development sessions at Raden’s contract manufacturer’s production facility.


Results – seven figure 2016 launch

  • Initial prototypes help secure series-A investment

  • Raden launched officially in April of 2016 to much fanfare and is shipping

  • In its first four months of operation, Raden sold $2 million worth of cases from its website and 6,000 square-foot showroom in SoHo



In May of 2018 Raden announced that they were ending operations, citing changes in airline policy regarding luggage with integrated batteries. Read more about the decision here on Fast Company.  


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