Global Innovation for some of the world’s biggest brands


In a previous role, Pull’s head of Research and Strategy, Ingvald Smith-Kielland, was accountable for supporting the development and delivery of multiple innovation projects across all of PepsiCo’s brands. This leadership role focused on delivering projects from initial ideation, through concept development, to commercialization. By working closely with internal and external partners, design projects were developed in order to satisfy unmet consumer needs and the growth of PepsiCo’s portfolio.

Future vision project

Create new business opportunities, ranging from $300M to $1B yearly revenue, within a defined strategic whitespace. In collaboration with futurist and subject matter experts, the team developed a series of future scenarios.  These scenarios, built around emerging macro trends and existing consumer spaces, were used as a foundation for conceptualizing and visualizing service concepts. Through refinement, these future visions were prioritized and mapped to a commercialization roadmap. The program is currently under executive evaluation and if approved will be the first business model of this type for PepsiCo.

Global design optimization

Challenged  with a high-engagement global product platform that had suffered from SKU proliferation and an inconsistent look and feel, PepsiCo needed to develop a new platform with a common look and feel that would better express the relevant brand values.

The objective was to standardize and optimize the product line across a multitude of beverage brands. The lack of centralized design standards across the global vendor network, combined with a lack of insights in this particular category enabled us to propose and get PepsiCo buy-in to adopt a user centered design approach.

The initiative started with leading global research expeditions in India and China to identify the unmet and underserved needs of consumers and key value chain participants. Following the research initiative, the synthesis and proposed strategy was ultimately expressed by a series of physical design archetypes.

New snacks

Create new sources of growth by developing new snack platforms. In a partnership with R&D, consumer insights and brand managers, we leveraged technology and consumer insights to co-create new snack offerings.  The process included cross disciplinary Food Experience Design sessions, that included Supply Chain, culinary, marketing and R&D teams.  In these sessions, the cross-disciplinary team developed low-fidelity rapid prototypes to help quickly test and shape all aspects of a food experience.