Reimagining hydration & wellness

Challenge – a new vision for an iconic water brand

For much of the globe, life has entered the fast-lane. We’re busier than ever, with higher demands on our minds and bodies. Staying healthy to keep up is more important than ever – yet our on-the-go lifestyles often clash with our culture’s growing focus on:

  • Wellness

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Proliferation of choice

  • Constant feedback (the quantified self)

Inspired to rectify this paradox between our busy lifestyle and our values, we put our heads together to explore a solution centered around a global hydration brand: Badoit. We’ve all been there – even your most healthy or environmentally courteous friend has found themselves reaching for a less-than-healthy refreshment from a public vending machine.

Insights – bespoke offering is everything

We started by exploring the challenges of on-the-go hydration. Time, space, access, regulations, and of course, the unexpected, are major factors influencing consumption choices. Little things make all the difference – from the quality of the ingredients, how customized it is to your current state of mind , and the vessel it is consumed in. People want to have the option of ubiquitously maintaining their dietary regimens. Meanwhile, single-use consumption soars due to space and time constraints. We needed to create a solution that would enable people to make healthy, conscientious, consistent choices, no matter where they are.

Solution – developing an on-demand personal nutritionist

By leveraging the wave of “the quantified self” devices, from wearables to ingestables, we created the Oasis app for optimal hydration.  Oasis pairs a medley of vitamins, supplements and natural flavor enhancements with premium-filtered Badoit water to suit individual needs.  Compiling health data (compatible with other apps), stated preferences and consumption patterns, Oasis gives personalized hydration recommendations. Users can also “status update” their mood, current craving, or geographic location to try local or in-season specialties, or try something new.  People can advance-order their recommended blend, create their own, or simply pick up water at their gate or destination. Oasis, by design, also encourages people to use their own drinking vessels. For those who come empty-handed, Oasis provides one for a small deposit fee. Travelers can then drop the vessel off at an Oasis at their destination, minimizing their ecological footprint.