• Design Artiphon’s first commercial product
  • Encompass qualities of the guitar, piano, drum kit and violin onto the same artifact
  • Create a design that appeals to and will be used by both amateur and professional artists
  • Create a design sophisticated enough to be taken seriously, but approachable enough for anyone to pick up and play

We have a long history designing music industry devices, but the Instrument 1 falls into a category of its own. Our partnership with Artiphon began with a mandate to combine a variety of paradoxes: create an instrument that is new, but feels familiar, differentiated, but not polarizing, a loyal friend to the touring professional, and a trusted guide converting music listeners into music makers.


Artiphon came to us to make their INSTRUMENT 1 prototype business viable. Sensing an immediate culture fit and camaraderie, we collaborated on examining Artiphon’s story and insights, and prescribed a new way to accomplish their goals. In order to scale commercially at an accessible price-point, we helped build a minimum viable prototype for consumers and investors to see, hear and play.  In addition to the challenge of making the design look like it will sound good (a main challenge of music industry design), Artiphon needed to establish a new category with their first product. To be a catalyst of musical expression at first touch, the Instrument 1 had to scale markets without sacrificing quality materials or design.


  • $1.3M raised on Kickstarter
  • MVP prototypes help acquire seed investment
  • Fast Company Innovation by Design Award Finalist (2015) 
  • Time 25 Best Inventions of the year (2015)


The whole Pull team has proven to be flexible and able to tackle problems with principle and pragmatism. They have my highest recommendation as a team well equipped to explore and edit throughout the product design lifecycle.

— Dr. Mike Butera, Founder & CEO / Artiphon Inc.